This is me.

I'm Emily,...Emily Anderson. My kids, Ella & Tessa think my last name is Photography and Tessa thinks hers and her daddy's last name is Anderson Motorcars. He's a car salesman here in Okemah, OK.

 I've been doing this professionally since mine and my husband's third year of marriage....so about 10 years now. Wow! That makes me feel old typing that out loud. When you look at my profile picture, you may sum me up to be a pretty serious and quiet person. HA! I do have a serious, deep side, but when we meet, you'll more than likely hear me before you see me. I love to laugh, I'm kind of loud, I do know how to be quiet, even though my husband may disagree. He tends to remind me to use my inside voice when we are out at a restaurant with friends and I get excited. Let's see, what else....It's a little awkward to just talk about yourself.... I like like like like coffee, a lot! I love spending time with Jesus when I first wake up..with the coffee. I love being spontaneous...maybe even find some good coffee.  I love being outside...especially about an hour before sundown! Oh, and with you know what in hand. You got it, coffee. 

But enough about me,   Let's talk about the "perfect picture" for a minute. 

What does that mean to you? 

Would the picture be "perfect" to you if everyone was looking right into the camera, every hair in place,  with a pleasant, smiling expression? 

I've done these things myself when I first starting photographing my own kiddos. I would get irritated if they wouldn't look right at me and give me that genuine smile we all hope they'll do at the perfect time. And those are still gorgeous and priceless, but give yourself some grace to think of it different, too.  :) My favorite images of my kiddos right now are ones where their hair is blowing everywhere, and they're not even looking at me. I can remember their giggles in that moment when I look at those pictures now. 

When you see some of your favorite images, what do you see? What do you feel? 

These are the images I want to create for you. I want you to look back at them and remember how you felt at that moment in your life. That moment when you were there with your family on a beautiful evening with the sun setting. The moment your child was brought into this world. The moment when time freezes and your child is running through the grass with the biggest smile on their face.  To me, that is a perfect picture. ❤️


Candace Williams

Emily is seriously the best. She knows just the right thing to do or say to make you feel comfortable and my boys to engage in taking the photos. Her eye for capturing the moment is spectacular. I would never go anywhere else. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Christopher Trockel

Emily is hands down the best photographer I’ve ever worked with. She makes the photo shoot fun and not awkward at all. The phots come out amazing. She’s very talented indeed. Highly recommended!!! We’ll be coming back for more again and again!!

Terri Bersano

I can not say enough about this amazing photographer. She is so wonderful, so talented and also so personable with you. She interacts with you so well during your Photo shoot that you almost forget you are in front of a camera. I have never felt so comfortable with someone taking my photo. The outcome of your photo shoot will take your breath away. She produced images that you could never imagine. I would recommend this photographer to everyone!!

Audra George

Emily is so fun to work with and we always get such great pics too. We have taken family photos in the past with her and have been so pleased. When I needed photos for my business, I knew exactly where to go.! Thanks Emily!!

Cassie Osborn

Emily makes every experience an absolute joy. From my wedding photos to those of my newborn, she is the best! I cannot recommend her enough!

Amber Cook

My husband & I have been wanting to get our pictures taken since we haven't had them done since our wedding day 5 years ago.  I did some checking around & saw some of Emily's pictures she took of a co-worker of mine and I immediately knew Emily was the one that I wanted to do them.  She is an outstanding photographer with a personality to match!  We had an awesome time with her & can't wait until she comes out to the ranch to get some more!!  Thank you Emily for the awesome pictures, we are truely grateful!!

Garrett Smith

"I've had the opportunity to work with Emily on everything from Christmas Extravaganza's to Engagement Photo Shoots.  She is probably one of the most proffesional, easy, and upbeat photographers that I've had the pleasure of working with.  I always know that i'll get 100% quality and personality from Emily."

Londa Robertson

Emily has been such a blessing to us! She is so patient and really makes my children and myself feel so comfortable. It goes without saying her work is amazing and truly one-of-a-kind!

Heather Capelle

Emily is not only an AMAZING photographer, but she also has a knack for capturing children that is really remarkable.  As the director of a children’s music and theater program in NYC, I work with a LOT of children’s photographers and none of them can compare with Emily.  We have family in Okemah, so we wanted to get pictures taken of the “two great-grandsons.”  I was blown away by the results.  I plan on having Emily capture all of the major moments in my son’s life.  What a gift she has!



Heather Stone Capelle